How to choose a suitable Christmas tree?


What is the most indispensable thing about Christmas? Without a doubt, it must be the Christmas tree. Every Christmas, almost every street and alley shop decorates various Christmas trees in their display windows, filled with a festive atmosphere. A Christmas tree is so important for Christmas, so how should we choose a suitable Christmas tree? Don't worry, Qiliya is now offering you some advice.

Purchase a simulated Christmas tree

Firstly, the easiest and most economical way is to purchase a simulated Christmas tree. In foreign countries, as Christmas approaches, almost every store sells artificial Christmas trees, and as Christmas approaches, there are more discounts and many choices: traditional green, black, gold, and silver in color, as well as some trees with artificial snow and frost on them. There are also many creative shapes, thin, fat, tall, and short, for you to choose from. However, in China, there are very few stores that retail simulated Christmas trees. Families in China rarely do Christmas decorations, but it is different for businesses such as stores, supermarkets, hotels, and squares. Buying a Christmas tree to create a Christmas atmosphere is very important. So where do they go to buy a Christmas tree? Many purchases are made online, and Taobao offers a variety of Christmas trees for sale at a very affordable price. For businesses pursuing high quality, they will choose to order from Christmas tree factories, especially for some chain businesses with high demand. Ordering from factories can provide Christmas trees that better meet their requirements. Another type is a large Christmas tree about 10 meters long, which must be customized by the manufacturer. We need to prepare with the manufacturer about a month in advance.

Purchase a real Christmas tree

Firstly, before choosing a Christmas tree, you need to know that each tree is unique. Although Christmas trees all belong to the bloodline of evergreen trees, they also come from different families, namely spruce, fir, and pine. The most popular variety is also the most expensive, among which should be fir. Simply put, that's because it doesn't easily shed leaves. Of course, for ordinary consumers, it is a bit difficult to distinguish, so it is important to ask the seller clearly before making a purchase.

Secondly, decide how big the tree you want to buy. The best way is to measure the height of your ceiling above the ground, don't overestimate it. If one greedily buys a large one, the family will feel sad if they can't keep it. Trees like spruce have a large crown when opened, so it is important to pay attention when measuring. The trees you buy directly are generally not particularly neat, so you can simply trim them, and it won't take much effort to cut them into the most beautiful shape of a Christmas tree.

In China, it is basically impossible to buy a real Christmas tree. If there is a real demand, then you really need to go to the mountains and buy a real tree to come back and decorate yourself.


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