The six most famous Christmas markets in the world


The most important Christmas in western countries is coming. This annual traditional festival is now very popular in cities and villages around the world. Let's take a look at the six most famous Christmas markets in the world.

The world's six largest Christmas markets

1. The Christmas market in Vienna City Hall, Austria

Every Christmas, the Vienna City Hall Square will become a very beautiful Christmas square, like an exposition, where visitors can find all Christmas related decorations, such as handicrafts, wine, ice rinks, and even ice cream.

However, what is really special about this market is the "fantastic background of the city hall", a landmark building of the 19th century neo-Gothic style.

2. The Christmas market in the old city square of Prague, Czech Republic

The Christmas market in Prague's old city square is one of the most popular markets in the Czech capital. Here, people can find various European delicacies, as well as hand-carved wooden toys and hand-made glassware.

This year, there is also a miniature zoo at the birth scene of Prague's old city square, where sheep, camels and donkeys are particularly popular.

3. Christmas Market in Strasbourg, France

Paris is the capital of France, but Strasbourg is the "capital of Christmas in Paris", for good reason. Since late November, the Christmas Market in Strasbourg has opened, with a total of more than 300 stalls. The magnificent Christmas tree, bright Christmas lights, dazzling performances and concerts make it very lively.

Here, local people and tourists can taste all kinds of sweets, cookies and hot wine from Alsace.

4. The central cathedral of Cologne, Germany

Every December, the cathedral in the center of Cologne, Germany, will become a Christmas market, offering a range of regional specialties, from sausages to fruit cakes, and so on.

It is worth mentioning that Cologne Cathedral is the largest Gothic church in northern Europe, with picturesque scenery. Every Christmas, there will be more than 100 music performances and other forms of festival entertainment.

5. Tallinn Christmas Market in Estonia

On Christmas Day in 1441, a Christmas tree was decorated on the city hall square in Tallinn, Estonia. This makes it the first place to decorate Christmas trees in Europe, and also the Christmas market in Tallinn.

In addition to providing Christmas trees, this market also provides Estonian Christmas food, including black pudding, sour cabbage, gingerbread and hot Christmas drinks, and also invites a special guest to act as Santa Claus.

6. Christmas market in Chicago, USA

The Christmas market in Chicago is located on the Chicago Ring Road, adding a modern flavor to the tradition. At Christmas, the hand-made nutcracker, cuckoo clock and beer cup will bring people to ancient Europe.


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