Ten most popular toy brands at Christmas


According to a new survey by online discount toy retailer Bargain Max, Lego, Disney and Marvel are among the top three most anticipated and popular toy brands at Christmas.

Christmas toy brand

Bargain Max, headquartered in Manchester, also investigated parents' spending on toys and toy brand affinity, and found that Lego became the most popular brand on Christmas this year - winning nearly 14% of the votes.

According to the survey of "Bargain Max", the ten most popular toy brands for Christmas

LEGO - 13.7%

Disney - 11.6%

Marvel - 8.5%

Barbie - 7.6%

L.O.L Surprise - 7.1%

PAW Patrol - 6.3%

Playmobil - 5.7%

Crayola - 5.5%

Fisher Price - 5.3%

Peppa Pig - 5.2%

A spokesman for "Bargain Max" said: "Consumers are planning to shop online this Christmas. There are many exciting toy brands to choose from. We are happy to offer a series of exciting toys at discounted prices to save money for parents."


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