How to buy a large square Christmas tree?


At Christmas, we often see large Christmas trees placed in outdoor squares such as shopping malls or hotel office buildings, which are beautifully decorated. How can we choose such large square Christmas trees?

In fact, such large Christmas trees, especially those more than 8 meters long, are rarely sold in the market in stock. Basically, customers directly find manufacturers to customize them. Height, width, decorations, lighting, etc. can be matched according to requirements. How to customize a proper Christmas tree in the square? Now let's look at some key factors.

1.Width and height of the place to be placed. The width should not hinder daily people's access and work, and the height is generally determined by the proportion of the gate or scene layout. The square is generally wide and open, suitable for Christmas trees of more than 6 meters, iron tower structure, which is very stable on the square.

2. Type of tree: Pine leaf Christmas tree is selected by many people at present, which is affordable, easy to hang Christmas ornaments, light in weight and easy to move. Pine needle Christmas tree has a lifelike shape. Its leaves are needle shaped, green in color and heavy in weight. Its price is relatively more expensive than PVC Christmas tree. The best way is to mix pine needle leaves with PVC, which is much more cost-effective.

3. The lighting of the Christmas tree at night usually uses LED light strings, which are wrapped around the Christmas tree and plugged into the power supply to attract people's attention! Low voltage power supply of LED lamp, more safe and reliable.

4. Decorative items. The Christmas tree must be equipped with Christmas balls and other pendants to make it more beautiful. You can choose Christmas balls of different shapes and sizes, with gold, silver and red as the main colors, and add other colors for embellishment. At the same time, add bow knots or snowflakes and other decorations. Add some gift boxes, Santa Claus, deer and other small ornaments to the tree head.

After such selection and matching, and then customized production from the factory, a beautiful Christmas tree will finally appear on the square.


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