The Christmas tree assembly tutorial teaches you how to install and decorate the Christmas tree?


On Christmas Day, more and more people like to buy simulated Christmas trees to decorate their houses, but many of them are disassembled and packaged in shopping malls. Some people don't know how to start with a pile of spare parts. Now we'll teach you how to assemble the Christmas tree and decorate it beautifully.

Step 1:

First, take out the foot of the Christmas tree and fix it with screws, and place it on the ground stably. Christmas trees below 1.2m generally use plastic tree legs, and three forks can be fixed. Christmas trees above 1.2m mostly use clothes hanger type folding iron tree legs. Open the clothes hanger tree and tighten the fixing screws

Step 2:

The segmented tree body is inserted into the fixed tree foot in order. Each segment has a hole for head to tail insertion, and then the branches and leaves are evenly opened. They can be arranged according to everyone's preferences. The common way is to cross up and down, slightly upward, which gives a sense of prosperity. Such a Christmas tree has been presented to you.

Step 3:

The key point is to decorate Christmas lights evenly. It can be layered around the Christmas tree or wrapped up and down. Finally, hang the carefully selected ornaments on the tree. In order to avoid too complex pictures, it is recommended not to choose too many kinds of accessories, but to choose the same color products, and the decorated Christmas tree will have unexpected effects.

The secret of Christmas tree decoration: the general arrangement sequence should be to assemble the Christmas tree, string Christmas lights, nonflammable cotton, wire, cotton yarn and Christmas ornaments. In terms of fixing ornaments, try to use metal wire to fix Christmas ornaments to avoid falling off; As for the lighting, when arranging the Christmas light string, the light string should be fixed on the Christmas tree with metal wires at equal intervals from top to bottom, and then the plugs should be centrally fixed at the bottom of the trunk of the Christmas tree. If you want to put the Christmas tree outdoors, you may have to strengthen the fixed base to prevent the Christmas tree from being blown by the wind.


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