What are the reasons for the failure of decorative lights


The local brightness of the luminous characters of the decorative lights is different, the color is wrong, and some of the pictorials of the luminous characters of the decorative lights do not appear, etc. So what are the reasons for these situations? The following decorative lantern Xiaobian will explain it for you. There are three reasons for separation:

Reason 1: the LED modules in the decorative lights are not of the same type. The LED modules of different manufacturers have different lighting effects. Generally speaking, few companies will do this. Usually, they request to use consistent batches during manufacturing to prevent this problem. Different batches of the same manufacturer will also have certain differences. In the process of manufacturing, we must prevent this very primary fault.

Reason 2: leakage. Some installation sites have certain leakage, or the line is not well connected when the word is made, or the joint is not well connected. Maybe from the second word, the adhesive tape of the connector is opened and grounded in the place with leakage. So please check the circuit again and again during manufacturing.

Reason 3: the light sources are placed unevenly. Maybe there are too many LED lights along the way. This can't be too many. Please ask the manufacturer of the lights you bought in detail. A little too much contrast is bright in the area, and some local applications are too few. Such a certain brightness is different. The placement density of the light source should be operated according to the request, and it can't be organized as it pleases. Usually, the company has a request when manufacturing and places the light source according to the request of the company.

Reason 4: you are connected in series. The main line pulled out by the power supply will first connect to the first word of the list and then connect to the second one. When the current passes behind, it will become smaller and smaller, so the smaller the current, the lower the brightness

Reason 5: the power of the power transformer is too small. We should use the transformer with normal demand, and use different transformers according to the size of the word. Faced with such a situation, let's analyze the use of two power supplies (transformers). For example, you can use one for the first four and one for the last four. You can put the power supply in the center and connect it at both ends. You can deal with this question. Z is the main line with a bold dot You can pull one way out of the power supply, and then connect the next four words. The first four words use the main line of the top road. Of course, the second scheme is Z good, and the Problem z is thorough:) our modules are also like this. More than 40 are connected to the circuit.


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