Why decorative lights are so popular


In the park, the meteors that flash on the trees in the community, the meteor tubes that flash again and again, and so on, are all lamps and lanterns that increase the atmosphere in our life. 

What lamps are commonly used in festivals? That is the decorative lights. The light string is the most ideal decoration for Christmas, Halloween, new year, Valentine's day, party and wedding decoration; It can be installed in the Christmas tree, living room, bedroom, stair Gallery, courtyard, garden outdoor decoration, etc. any place you can think of adds a festive and charming atmosphere and romantic and warm effect mood to you! It can also be used in hotels, hotels, bars, parties, commercial buildings, homes, windows, clubs, concerts, concert halls, fashion shows, dance halls and other places to decorate the atmosphere.

It is mainly used for holiday decoration and Christmas decoration. It has waterproof characteristics and can be directly put into the water. The lamp wire is flexible and flexible and can be bent at will. The main characteristics of the product are: waterproof, environmental protection, low temperature, low power consumption, low voltage, long service life, wide application range, and the lamp string can be woven into various shaped lamp strings and various difficult handicrafts.

The color of the lamp beads: red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white, purple, pink, RGB and seven colors. The seven color lamp string has changes such as constant light, flicker change, wavy change, continuous change, fast flash change, slow flash change, flowing water change, fading change, and dreamy seven colors. It is very beautiful.

Color of decorative color lamp line: silver line, brass line, black line, blue line, green line

Decorative lantern shape: rice grain shape and water bead shape

Decorative lantern modeling series: snowflake type, five pointed star type, flower type, diamond type, rice grain type, Christmas tree type, round type and so on!


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