How can decorative lights decorate the home more comfortable and personalized


Lighting is not only a good helper for us to drive away the darkness, but also a good prop for us to create a romantic night. People use LED decorative lights to form different patterns, and then by controlling the power on, they can achieve the dual effect of lighting and decoration.

The color light needs to be used together with the control, and can be used for the decoration of the audio-visual room. The effect of white light decoration is fresh and clean. Good light color consistency, suitable for simple style. The LED effect of yellow light is mainly warm, but because the luminous efficiency of yellow LED beads is not high and the light effect is dark, the light color is dull. Multi bead count is recommended.

In addition to the decoration of home selection, coordination should also be considered in the matching of home decorative lights. The decorative lights should be carefully designed, coordinated with the room decoration and matched with the furniture furnishings. The modeling materials of lamps and lanterns are consistent with those of the furniture, which can reflect the artistic conception of the owner.

The color of the light source creates a certain atmosphere according to people's needs, such as warm, calm, comfortable, quiet, peaceful and so on. Highlight the particularity of the host's requirements for lighting, and reflect different personalities.

In addition to the decorative function of lamps and lanterns, a fundamental purpose of our purchase of lamps and lanterns is still for indoor lighting. Many people think that since lamps are used for lighting, the brighter the better. In fact, there is a certain relationship between the indoor space area and the brightness of the lamps. Too bright and too dark will cause damage to the eyes, and it is not cost-effective from the perspective of power saving.


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