The products of decorative lamp manufacturers choose different illuminance according to the environment and location


With the development of science and technology, landscape lights have become more and more interactive. For example, in daily life, you can see an interactive experience similar to the combination of waterscape and lighting. It beautifies the city streets and also beautifies our mood. Decorative lights have made great contributions to beautifying the city and facilitating night travel. Therefore, decorative lamp is an indispensable lighting tool in urban environmental beautification. It is also very important for the installation of decorative lamps. Mastering its installation skills is a basic condition for normal use.

The illuminance shall be properly selected according to the different environmental sections in which the decorative lamps are used. Such as the entrance and exit, the square and other pedestrian distribution centers shall have sufficient lighting intensity; And in the quiet walking path, only general lighting is required. The unique and artistic decorative lights can make the surrounding environment interesting and full of charm.

Decorative lamp manufacturers use decorative lamps with signs and prompts. Specific lights can remind you that you are in a park or square. A good route guidance function is formed at night. Highlight the main landscape at night, make it form a virtual and real relationship with the surrounding environment, and enrich the landscape level at night. It provides rich viewing interest for the monotonous night. Even in the daytime, decorative lamps have high viewing value.

Outdoor festival decorative lights not only display modern exquisite manufacturing technology, but also incorporate a variety of elements with certain local or national cultural agents, which can beautify and brighten the environment and become a symbol of national culture of a city, a region and a party. Whether it is a large cultural square or a fashionable architectural community, it has its own reasons. It is of great value for viewing and use.


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