What is a key problem that festival decorative lights must deal with?


When there are flash points with very high chromaticity or obvious brightness contrast in the field of vision, the pupils of everyone may be narrowed, light spots may be generated in the eyeballs, and the integration of the visual recognition system into the surrounding physical indoor space may be destroyed, thus causing discomfort or visual effect reduction. The glare is first caused by the brighter surface of the light source. The higher the chromaticity of the light source, the more serious the glare. If the light source chromaticity is certain, the festival decoration lighting project is briefly described, then: the darker the surrounding environment, the more obvious the glare; The closer the distance between the light source and the focus, the more obvious the glare; The larger the total conductivity area of the light source, the more the number of light sources, and the more obvious the glare.

The LED tree lamp is evolved from the road street lamp. With the pursuit of perfection for beauty, the requirements for natural environment and plastic art lighting are also rising. The passion for the project to invest in garden landscape lighting is increasing. The LED tree lamp is just in line with the pursuit of perfection and the protection of the environment, giving the night a sense of plastic art and artistic beauty. In terms of color tone, led tree lights can be made into colorful and practical effects in several places, such as performance stage, large and medium-sized leisure and entertainment city square, entertainment platform, etc.

Led tree lights are mostly stored in the form of scattered light. The scattered light is different from the direct light in that it is not easy to cause too many dark shadows, which makes the tone bright and dark look more gentle. However, one of the key problems that must be solved by the holiday decorative lamps with scattered light is that the surface temperature of the luminaries is too high.


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