How long is the long service life of holiday decorative lights?


How long is the long service life of holiday decorative lights? This problem deserves our serious consideration, because its service life is directly related to the interests of customers. The value created by a set of 1000 yuan street lamps after 20 years of use is no problem, compared with 10 years of use. Completely different.

Common street lamps are those we often see. It can be seen everywhere on both sides of any street. This kind of street lamp has simple structure and can be divided into two parts: lamp pole and lamp cap. The answer must be in the form of division. He would say how many years the lamp cap and the lamp pole have.

This answer is by no means a perfunctory question, because the life of the lamp cap cannot be as long as that of the lamp pole, Just look at the warranty period. The warranty period of LED lamp cap is generally two years, and the warranty period of lamp pole is more than ten years. This is because the lamp cap involves many electronic components.

It's easy to have problems after a long time, but the lamp pole is different. It's iron. Even if it rusts, it won't be a problem for ten or eight years. Personally, I think the service life of lamp poles should be standardized. The mouth can guarantee that it will not rust for several years, etc., because the lamp pole itself will not break at all.


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